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Am I a Light or a Dark Angel?

... this no one knows ...

Amethyst Mage
I am Amethyst Mage! I love japanese Music, mostly pop and rock.. my most favorite singer is Gackt!!! I love also anime and manga. My most favorites are Saiyuki, Slayers, and D.N.Angel, and many many more. I love to draw, and experiment many styles XD
well.. I dunno what to say more.. so...
Bye bye :D
and to whoever read this.. Thankyou for the patience in doing so! :D

I am also part of the graphics team in the English Gackt Fansite Eien no Yume (Eternal Dream)
You're welcome to visit the site! there you will find loads of information and trivia regarding Gackt! :D
(click on the image to get to the site_)

My Pet: XD

my pet!

Credits of current layout:
Image scanned by Me
Image copyuright to Gackt and Arena37c
Coding to my dear friend, she knows who she is. Thankyou! *hugs*
andventure movies, anime, d.n.angel, fantasy & detective books, gackt, jpop, jrock, manga, movies, saiyuki, slayers